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 UNESCO Weltkulturerbe Ausstellung

rund um die Burg Hasegg 

„Das Flüchtige und das Bleibende: Kindheit“
Bilder, Collagen und Objekte der Künstlerin Margaritha Wanitschek
WANN? Freitag, 20. März 2015 / 19 Uhr


The Hall Mint Museum



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The Hall Mint is also called the birthplace of the Taler and the modern day Dollar. Build in a past in which bare coins meant wealth, money still had a magical shine and currency was literally as hard as the material it was produced from. 
Visitors to the Hall Mint Museum are guided through half a century of European coin history with modern audio technology available in seven languages. After the Mint museum a trip to the top of the famous Mint Tower gives unforgettable views of the middle-age town of Hall, the picturesque Inn valley and the impressive mountainrange of the Karwendel.

The highlights of the visit:
unique cylindrical stamping press
first taler of the world
unique triple-run staircase in a medieval architecture
biggest silver medal of the world
museum of urban archeology
possibility to mint your own coin

Come, enjoy, explore, discover the Hall Mint & Tower.